You can choose the white color, shades of sand, ice, suede and off-white.

Home exterior paint colors
Another tip to provoke the feeling that the space is bigger is to use the same
color on the walls and the floor. The lack of separation of colors and textures
between the floor and the wall creates a feeling of spaciousness. To leave the
room in this style it is very important not to use baseboards.
In that case, you can use light colors but you can also choose to use the same
coating throughout the environment. One of the most used materials for this
purpose is wood, which makes the house more elegant and cozy.
Another option is to climb only one strip with the floor covering on the wall,
leaving the rest of the space in another color. This alternative greatly increases
the possibilities and can give a modern touch to the room. The technique of
painting the wall to its half is increasingly used in interior decoration. It brings
different possibilities of colors and height of the cut line. It is possible to leave
one part colored and the other white, use shades of the same color or the same
family, divide the wall horizontally, vertically and diagonally for example.